Name Himishi Raisuke

"The Black Lightning"

"The Vanishing Storm"

Age Thirty-Seven


Weight 241 lbs.
Eye Color Dark Gray
Hair Color Black
Birthdate September, 21st
Country Tsuchi no Kuni
Village Iwagakure no Sato
Rank Kage / S-Rank
Position Rokudaime Tsuchikage
Face Claim Hei - Darker Than Black

Character Overview: Himishi Raisuke is currently the Rokudaime Tsuchikage of Iwagakure no Sato. Even on the surface Raisuke comes off with a cold deameanor towards both his enemies and his own comrades. He is willing to make the necessary sacrifices to further his village and in doing so further his own goals.

Oh he is willing to act the part of kind and caring leader when it serves him, but rarely does he see anyone as more than a pawn and when he does, it is only because he sees them as a more valuable piece. These valuable pieces would be the members of the Kurogane no Te (Iron Hand), the Gobi Jinchurikii and a handful of other shinobi from his village.

It must also be stated that he is considered to be one of the strongest shinobi currently alive. His control over the Rokubi and the abilities it grants him have made him one of the fastest, if not the fastest shinobi, have rendered him immune to electrical attacks and added chakra to his own reserves.

To be given more detail at a later time.

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